DDLG Rules for Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship

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The DDlg fetish is a fun and exciting subculture of BDSM. It's a unique dynamic that often doesn't even involve anything sexual. DDlg is a type of age-play between two consenting adults.

In this type of age play, the little takes on an age-regressive role, entering a younger mindset for play sessions with their adult-aged caregiver. As the name suggests, the caregiver takes on a parental role, providing care for the needs and emotions of their little.

Like any BDSM relationship, DDlg dynamics have unique roles that include both a submissive and a dominant partner. In the case of DDlg, the little takes on the submissive role while the caregiver takes on the dominant role.

These roles are quite unique when compared to other sub-dom dynamics in other BDSM subcultures. For instance, littles tend to be soft, gentle subs, while caregivers are also much milder in their dominance.

The goal of DDlg dynamics is to create an environment that helps the little achieve their headspace. This is a mindset where the little feels more childlike, enjoying the fun, innocence, and general excitement that comes from being a child.

DDLG Rules

What Is The Daddy/Little Dynamic?

Daddy and little are two of the most common roles in the caregiver/little dynamic in BDSM.

As the name suggests, the daddy plays a father-figure role for their little. They provide care, love, and guidance like any caregiver, while also showcasing a lot of protective qualities to their little.

Also called the Daddy Dom, some daddy roles take on a more authoritative father figure. After all, some littles need (and want) to be disciplined by their daddy, so there are many caregiver/little dynamics that play off this type of relationship.

As you can see, the daddy/little dynamics are quite unique depending on each person involved!

The goal always remains the same—helping the little achieve their headspace through various roleplaying and play sessions.

Daddy Rules for Littles

As mentioned, daddy and little dynamics can differ depending on the unique characteristics of each little and daddy. As a result, rules may differ between partners depending on what each person prefers!

General Daddy Rules for Littles

General daddy rules are your typical caregiver roles for their little. These are rules the little should follow wherever they might be with their daddy – or even if their daddy isn't present!

Think of those classic childhood rules that you always had to follow, such as:

- Always refer to me as daddy

- Always tell daddy when you are upset

- No swearing at daddy

- Don't talk to strangers—unless you ask for your daddy's permission

- Always stay by daddy's side when you are in public

- Always hold daddy's hand when crossing the road

- Tell daddy where you are going before you leave the house

Housework Rules for Littles

While some littles may be too young for chores and housework, some littles are old to be given chores around the house. These rules are typically for middles and brats, so littles that portray an age range older than infants.

Also, because housework is usually something you disliked as a child, it's often considered a more submissive-style play session between the daddy and their little. If the submissive little doesn't do what they are told, then they may require punishment!

So, if your little loves to get disciplined, then exploring housework daddy rules could be fun.

Of course, littles can also be rewarded for completing their chores! This gives the caregiver the chance to show their appreciation for the hard work their little does. Chores are a great way to show affection, attention, and the odd bit of discipline where needed!

Some common house daddy rules for littles include:

- Making your bed every morning

- Keep your room clean and tidy

- Madding you and daddy lunch

- Ironing daddy's work clothes

- Laying out daddy's clothes before work

- Washing your dishes after every meal

Bedtime Rules for Littles

As a caregiver, it's daddy's responsibility to ensure their little gets the sleep they need! Bedtime rules are a fun way to incorporate some playful rules that really enhance the caregiver/little dynamic.

Whether your little wants to go to bed on time or break the rules, bedtime rules offer plenty of room for exploration. Some good ideas for bedtime rules for littles include:

- A strict bedtime where lights must be off for a certain time. When daddy says it's bedtime, you go straight to bed

- Daddy reading to the little before bedtime – assuming you have behaved yourself!

- Turning off your phone for bedtime

- What you should wear to bed (e.g., cute pyjamas, panties, sleeping naked, etc.)

- Leaving a night light on

Playtime Rules for Littles

Playtime is one of the most exciting parts of DDlg roleplaying. Depending on their age, the little will enjoy various playtime activities, from drawing pictures to playing with their toys.

Playtime doesn't need to be literally playing with things—it's any sort of fun roleplay activity you enjoy together. Some good ideas for playtime rules include:

- Draw daddy a picture and give it to him when he comes home from work

- Tidy your toys once you are done playing with them

- Finish one page from your coloring book

- Watching no more than one hour of TV

- You can only watch one movie

- Always ask permission before you play

Punishment Rules for Littles

Sometimes a daddy needs to punish their little! Whenever a little breaks their daddy's rules, they might need to be punished for it. Punishment is a common component of many BDSM dynamics, and the caregiver/little dynamic is no different.

Punishment should always be proportionate to the rule that was broken. For instance, breaking a minor rule once every so often may only require a light tell-off or warning. More severe or consistent rule breakers may require a sterner punishment!

Some punishments for littles that break their daddy's rules include:

- Explaining why you broke the rule

- Spanking

- Standing in the corner/bottom step

- Early bedtime

- Losing your privileges (e.g., no TV or playtime that day)

- No hugs or kisses