10 DDlg Dating Sites for Daddy Dom to Find His Babygirl

The Daddy dom/little girl (DDlg) relationship is now an increasingly popular fetish within the BDSM subculture. A variation of age play, daddy dom/little girl features a dominant and submissive dynamic. DDlg is all about roleplaying, with unique roles established for each person during their play sessions. The daddy is a dominant, older authority figure in most DDlg play, while the little plays the submissive role of a much younger person.

Are you looking for daddy dom/little girl relationships? Here are the 10 best Daddy Dom/Little Girl sites and apps worth trying.

10 Best websites for finding DDlg relationships:

#1 BDSMdatingonly


Editor's Pick -  The Most Famous BDSM Site for All Kinds of Kinky Fun

With a name like BDSMdatingonly, it's safe to say that there are lots of DDlg lovers on this dating website!

BDSMdatingonly is a dating website that focuses on all aspects of BDSM. You'll find people from all the prominent subcultures of BDSM using this website to find partners for their play sessions, including some DDlg!

And this website has lots of active monthly visitors looking to explore all the fun of BDSM. This means there are lots of subs and doms using the website. Many daddy doms are using the website to find their next little. If you want to be a daddy dom, then there is no shortage of littles using BDSMdatingonly. Live chat features are popular for littles to showcase themselves to daddies.

Because this is a BDSM dating website, all the users are incredibly open and respectful of kinks and fetishes. So, if you are trying to find a DDlg relationship for the first time, BDSMdatingonly is the perfect place to start!

Not only are there lots of littles and daddies using the website, but there are also features that make it easy to find them! Versatile search filters make it easy to find the perfect partner for your desired DDlg dynamic.

Our Rating - 9.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: 1.4 million +
Male/Female : 58%/42%

#2 AdultFriendFinder


The Largest Social Network for Adults

If you have ever tried some casual dating, chances are you've heard of AdultFriendFinder. It's the number one dating website for casual sex, hook ups and BDSM kinks.

As one of the most popular adult dating sites, AdultFriendFinder has a huge number of users. It is a great place to look for a daddy dom/little girl relationship. Casual dating is the focus of most users here, so you'll find many kinky individuals that enjoy all kinds of fetishes.

Furthermore, AdultFriendFinder has a thriving community hub where you can find articles and blogs dedicated to virtually any sexual niche. This includes DDlg, with a few handy articles available that give you more information about the fetish and how to best find a DDlg relationship.

Cam chats are also popular on the site, so you may find some models that are open to DDlg roleplay.

AdultFriendFinder is simple to use, and you get lots of handy features with a free membership.

Our Rating - 9.0*/10
Monthly Visitors: 2.1 million +
Male/Female : 60%/40%

#3 Reddit/DDlg

Reddit DDlg

Reddit Is A Hidden Gem When It Comes to DDlg Dating

There are subreddit forums for virtually any kink or fetish. The users in these forums connecting for play sessions – both online and in person!

DDlg personals is a subreddit covering the daddy dom/little girl fetish. Over 60,000 members are chatting about all things DDlg here. This is a great place to explore the kink and possibly connect with someone to play with.

While Reddit isn't a dating site in the traditional sense, this subreddit is still great for finding DDlg relationships. People using the forum are actively involved in the lifestyle and looking for people to have play sessions and hook-ups.

For instance, people post personals stating their age, gender, location, role, and what they are looking for. It's a nice mixture of daddies looking for babygirls, and vice versa, so you should find something to your liking on the subreddit.

Also, the users on the subreddit come from all around the world. Many DDlg dating sites have members based mostly in one country and this subreddit has littles and daddies from across the globe.

This should hopefully increase your chances of finding the right partner where you live, even in smaller countries with less prominent BDSM communities.

Our Rating - 9.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: 60,000 +
Male/Female : 53%/47%

#4 FetLife


The Kink version of Facebook

FetLife is another non-traditional dating website, instead of being more of a social media platform, but for kinky people with fetishes! It's one of the main online communities for kinks and fetishes, with millions of active users signing in each month.

As a social media platform focusing on fetishes, there is no shortage of users that are interested in all types of BDSM fun. This includes many users that like DDlg, with a good volume of littles and daddies using FetLife.

FetLife is often called the Facebook of fetishes. It looks and functions like Facebook, where you set up a profile and upload information about yourself. This gives you the chance to show all your various kinks and fetishes to fellow members!

Simply fill out your profile with all your information, including your preferred kinks (in this case daddy dom/little girl), and then start exploring the community.

There are lots of dedicated forums covering almost any kink you can imagine, including a thriving DDlg forum. Chatting with fellow kinksters is one of the best strategies for finding DDlg relationships. You can discuss your shared interest in the fetish and what types of roles and dynamics you would like to explore with each other.

Like traditional social media channels, FetLife is a great way to stay connected with other people - in this case those involved in the DDlg community! There are posts about local DDlg groups, events, meet-ups, and even conferences!

Our Rating - 9.0*/10
Monthly Visitors: 1.9 million +
Male/Female : 59%/41%

#5 DDlgForum


As the name suggests, DDlg Forum and Community is an online forum focusing on the daddy dom/little girl fetish.

This is one of the main internet forums that are dedicated entirely to the DDlg fetish. Everyone is interested in the DDlg kink here. You don't need to worry about trying to search through different kinks and fetishes like with other BDSM sites, this site is all about the DDlg community!

One of the big selling points of this website is how simple it is to use. There are lots of different DDlg topics covered, with forums discussing almost any aspect of the lifestyle. This makes the website especially good for people new to DDlg. And it has a lot of useful information on things like caregiving, little space, and general DDlg etiquette.

Plus, the DDl Forum and Community has a personals section!

Users seeking a partner for their DDlg play sessions are listed here, so you can use this to try and connect with a babygirl or daddy. There are a lot of personal ads here, with users posting from all around the world. This makes it easier to find a DDlg partner in your local area.

Best of all, because it's a forum and the entire site is free to use! There is a paid option for VIP members, which offers access to an exclusive forum, but you'll find almost all the main features of the forum are free to use.

Our Rating - 8.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Male/Female : Unknown

#6 LittleSpaceOnline


LittleSpaceOnline is another popular online forum for the Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship.

This online forum has several thousand active users, all of whom are DDlg kink lovers. There are plenty of great resources here for learning more about the kink, including tips for both caregivers and littles.

For instance, there is a New Knowledge forum. It has all the information you need to get into daddy dom/little girl relationship. You'll find handy tips and information about the kink. It also gives you all the tools that you need to find your own caregiver or babygirl.

Furthermore, the website has a personals section, which is a good spot to look for someone to have DDlg fun. However, you do need to sign up as a site support to access the personals.

Thankfully, it's only a small monthly donation. You can pay as little as $5 and have access to a thriving DDlg personals. Given that users are very into the fetish and active on these personal sections. It might be worth paying the small support fee to gain access to them!

Donations also open access to other features like private messages, a hidden forum, and a hidden chat room. If you are seriously interested in DDlg, the small donation is well worth the price for all the extra access you get throughout the forum!

Our Rating - 8.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Male/Female : Unknown

#7 DDLGDating


DDLGDating is a relatively newer dating website focusing on the daddy dom/little girl fetish. It works like most traditional dating websites and apps. You can sign up for a free membership to get access to various features.

Once you create a profile, you get prompted to play a 'discovery' game, which is the website's pairing system that matches you with other users. The matching system is based on local users, so it's a good way to find people in your area that are into DDlg.

Also, you're paired based on the preferences when making the account. And there are lots of options for different genders and sexual preferences. This should make it easy to find the perfect daddy or little for your tastes!

After you are matched with other users, you can send a like to show your interest, acting as an ice breaker to get the conversation started. If you're not interested, you simply choose to see another match, with a good selection of users to choose from.

One drawback is that the website is somewhat newer, so it doesn't always have lots of active users. There is a good number at the moment, but this does seem to be based in larger cities and metropolitan areas.

However, it does appear to be growing in popularity, so be sure to check it frequently to see for new people exploring the DDlg kink.

Our Rating - 8.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Male/Female : Unknown

#8 DateCGL


DateCGL is a dating website focusing on the daddy dom/little girl fetish.

It has features that are typical for a dating website, including personal profiles, quick match functions, and chat rooms. Here, you'll find plenty of people interested in adult ageplay, from daddy dom/little girls to adult babies and similar kinks.

As a dedicated age play site, DateCGL has many users with a strong interest in the DDlg kink. People on the site are very familiar with the kink, making it a great place to find someone with lots of experience roleplaying as a caregiver or little.

People newer to the fetish also have plenty to enjoy on the dating site. It has a strong community hub where people share tips and information about daddy dom/little girl dynamics.

However, there are also lots of users looking for other types of age play, so the site isn't exclusive to DDlg. That said, the DDlg kink does make up most of the users and community chat here, although there is room to explore other areas of age play.

Users on the website are friendly, understanding of the kink, and generally very informative. They'll be happy to share info about DDlg, while there are plenty of people looking for all kinds of fun age play sessions with the daddy dom/little girl dynamic.

The website is free to use but you will need to sign up to access most of its features.

Our Rating - 8.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Male/Female : Unknown

#9 Tinder


Tinder is the world's most popular dating app, with tens of millions of active monthly users. While not dedicated to the DDlg kink, or any BDSM fetish, the sheer number of people using Tinder makes it worth trying out for some DDlg action!

Most people are familiar with how Tinder works. You set up a profile, add some photos and a short bio, then start matching with local people. There are options to be specific about your interest in your bio, which is where you can indicate your preference for the DDlg kink.

So, consider creating a profile where you share info about your DDlg kink. You can include that you are a daddy or little looking for some DDlg fun, so anyone that matches will know what you're interested in. Of course, the DDlg kink is somewhat niche, so not everyone using Tinder may know what it is and that you're interested in.

So, you may need to bring it up in conversation with your matches! Therefore, it may be a good idea to indicate you're into BDSM, so people that you match with aren't caught off guard by your DDlg kink!

Our Rating - 7.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: 7.8 million +
Male/Female : 56%/44%

#10 POF


Plenty of Fish is another popular dating website, with an estimated 3 million daily users. Much like Tinder, this sheer volume of users makes the dating website worth checking out to find someone interested DDlg.

Again, this isn't a BDSM or kink dating website. You may need to be a bit subtler when bringing up the fetish. Thankfully, POF has a robust profile and search function that lets you state all your sexual preferences, including an interest in BDSM.

We recommend indicating some sort of interest in BDSM or DDlg in your profile. It will make you easier to match with like-minded kinksters using POF. Take advantage of the versatile search functions, which let you look for people based on various traits and preferences, including your kinkier side!

Because POF is such a popular dating site, it has a great user-interface and customer support, along with brilliant security and privacy measures.

Our Rating - 7.5*/10
Monthly Visitors: 6.4 million +
Male/Female : 51%/49%