Sexual And Non-sexual DDLG Relationship Rules And Guidelines

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Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DDlg) is one of the lesser known BDSM dynamics, yet one that has become more popular in recent years.

DDlg shares many similarities with other types of BDSM. For example, there are defined roles, sub-dom dynamics, and lots of roleplaying.

However, there are also unique aspects of DDlg relationships that make them notably unique, so it often helps to have some guidelines to help you navigate your DDlg activities.

Sexual DDLG

What is DDlg?

Before we start, it might help to understand a bit more about DDlg.

As mentioned above, DDlg stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. It's a type of BDSM relationship that focuses mostly on ageplay between two partners.

One partner takes on the role of a daddy dom. The DD is the dominant partner in DDlg, acting as a parental figure that provides care and guidance to their little. As with any parental figure, they may also show a sterner side, disciplining their little if their attitude isn't the best.

The little girl, or simply just the little, takes on an age-regressive role in an DDlg relationship. What age they regress to depends on the preferences of each individual little. For instance, some little prefer to play as very young child or baby, while others act slightly older, such as a preteen or teenager.

In any case, DDlg relationships are like many others in BDSM. There are defined roles, with the DD being the traditional dominant partner, while the little is the submissive partner. However, many prefer the term caregiver for a DD, as DDlg play sessions are often quite different to other forms of BDSM.

For instance, many littles are rarely disciplined by their daddies.

Many prefer to be cared for by their daddy, with the daddy providing a positive parental figure that shows love and affection to their little. There are some people in DDlg that enjoy classic BDSM play, such as naughty littles punished by an authoritative daddy for breaking rules, etc.

This is the great thing about DDlg – the rules are very flexible!

Can DDlg Ageplay Be Non-sexual?

Yes! DDlg ageplay doesn't need to be sexual.

In fact, there are many DDlg relationships that are completely non-sexual, instead using the kink as a fun play session without ever getting intimate.

For example, a little might simply want to achieve their headspace or littlespace. This is the mindset you achieve when roleplaying as a little. It's a unique headspace where the little feels safe, secure, and stress-free, much like when you are a child.

The goal for any littles is to reach their little space.

This headspace provides them with all kinds of positive vibes, even if there is nothing sexual involved. In these situations, the daddy's role is to give them little love and attention to help them reach their headspace, often through play sessions and other DDlg activities.

Of course, many people enjoy using DDlg dynamics to spice up their sex. Just like any type of roleplay, sexual DDlg sessions help create fun and kinky dynamics in the bedroom that many people love.

For example, the daddy might need to punish a little that is acting bratty or rebellious. This could lead to spanking and other kinky foreplay common in other types of BDSM. Some people just enjoy roleplaying sessions as a daddy and little, playing a few scenarios out before they hit the bedroom!

Again, a daddy dom/little dynamic is different for every relationship. Some are completely non-sexual. Others are all about adding some spice to their sex lives, while many enjoy the best of both worlds!

Non-Sexual DDLG Relationships Guidelines

Non-Sexual DDLG

If you're interested in trying a DDlg relationship that is non-sexual, knowing where to start can often be confusing.

Like any form of BDSM, it's vital that you set rules before exploring non-sexual DDlg. Even if no sex is happening, it's important to establish boundaries! Moreover, this helps to establish each other's roles and what the DDlg play will involve.

Some general tips for setting rules and roles in DDlg include:

Defining Your Age-Play

Before you start your DDLG relationship, define each other's age and the roles.

For instance, are you going to be a younger little that is daddy's little princess, or show a more rebellious side that requires discipline? How authoritative is the daddy? Is it okay to discipline them a little or is it all about caregiving?

Before starting, always define the roles of both the little and the daddy. This ensures that each person knows what role they are playing in their DDlg relationship, and the limits of each role.

Be sure to set any limits to your roles too! It's okay for each person to have limits in their DDlg play, so make sure to define these from the offset. It may be worth setting some safe words should any of these be unintentionally tested.

Setting Daddy's Rules

A good caregiver makes sure their little has rules that they always follow!

When rules are followed, a little always deserves a reward, while rules that are broken may lead to punishment. Part of the fun of being a daddy is setting rules for your little, so discuss what type of rules you would like to incorporate into your play sessions.

Rules typically help shape your play sessions together. A little has rules they can follow when doing their activities. For example, a common rule in DDlg is for the little to always refer to their DD as daddy and that daddy's word is final.

Both the Daddy and Little should be involved in setting rules that will be followed in their play sessions and activities. This ensures both parties are happy with the rules and all limits are respected.

You can set any type of rules you want in your DDlg relationship – it's down to the unique preferences of each little and daddy.

Here are some examples of the types of rules often found in DDlg relationships:

General Rules

These include general rules that the caregiver has for their little. Think of these as the important everyday rules that should always be followed, such as:

- Always refer to me as daddy

- Always tell daddy when you are upset

- No swearing at daddy

Housework Rules

If a little is old enough to do chores, then consider setting housework rules for them to follow. Because kids usually hate housework, these rules are often used for submissive play sessions, where littles are punished for not doing their chores.

Some examples of housework rules include:

- Make your bed everyday

- Clean your room

- Wash your dishes after eating

Bedtime Rules

A good caregiver makes sure their little gets the sleep that they need! Bedtime rules are another popular choice in DDlg relationships, as they provide little strict rules for their bedtime.Again, littles can follow these rules if they want to be good or break them if they want to be punished!

Some popular ideas for bedtime rules include:

- Setting a strict bedtime

- Daddy always reads a bedtime story

- What you should wear to bed

Punishments and Rewards

Punishments and rewards are where the fun can really begin in DDlg.

Many littles love being rewarded and spoiled by their daddy. If this is your type of scenario, focus on lots of rewards that show how good the little is for following their daddy's rules.

The biggest reward that a little can receive is more love and attention. So, if a little follows the rules of your playtime together, then make sure that the daddy showers them with praise, love, cuddles, and affection.

Of course, other rewards are also suitable, such as receiving an extra treat after dinner or extra time watching TV. Again, focus on the preferences of the little, providing them with rewards that they are going to appreciate.

If you're thinking of being more rebellious, then make sure to set some punishments too! Because we're covering non-sexual DDlg, punishments can be like those you experienced as a child, like going to bed without a story.

Punishments can take on BDSM dynamics, such as being spanked, which isn't necessarily sexual. Of course, spanking is often part of foreplay and sex play, so some people may prefer to keep it out of their non-sexual DDlg relationship.

Some non-sexual punishments for DDlg can include:

- Little telling their daddy why the broke the rule (e.g., explaining themselves)

- Being told to stand in a corner for a set amount of time

- Going to bed early

- Losing privileges like TV time

Playtime Ideas

Playtime is the cornerstone of any DDlg relationship, being main form of roleplay between the daddy and their little.

Just like when you're a child, playtime can involve many things, from playing with toys to watching cartoons.

Basically, it's any activities that the little can enjoy, often under the supervision of their daddy. Littles can enjoy playtime alone too, although many prefer to include their daddy so that they can be rewarded or punished for following or breaking rules.

Playtime at Home

Understandably, many prefer to keep their DDlg activities to their homes. Ageplay like DDlg is often misunderstood, so playing out in public may not be comfortable for everyone.

Some ideas for playtime activities at home include:

- Painting

- Coloring in

- Teddy tea party

- Watching TV

Playtime Ideas for Older Littles

Many littles prefer to take on ages that are slightly older, usually in the pre-teen or teen range, often called middles. A middle is a bit older than a little, so they have different ideas of fun. Therefore, if you're roleplaying as a middle, then your playtime activities are slightly more mature, such as:

- Playing video games

- Writing stories

- Baking cookies

- Taking online quizzes

Activities to Enjoy Together

If you're comfortable taking your DDlg relationship outside, there are countless fun activities you can enjoy together. Again, these are all non-sexual, highlighting just how much fun you can have with this type of DDlg relationship.

Some popular activities that a daddy and little can enjoy together include:

- Going for ice cream

- Going to the movie theater

- A walk in the park

- Visit a fairground

- Toy shopping

Sexual DDLG Relationship Guidelines


You might have tried a non-sexual DDlg relationship and now want to spice things up. Or maybe you want to experience a sexual DDlg relationship from the beginning?

In either case, a sexual DDlg relationship follows most of the same rules and roles of a non-sexual DDlg relationship.

That's the beauty of DDlg – a lot of the fun comes from non-sexual roleplaying and activities!

Of course, some people enjoy using these DDlg roles to spice things up before sex and other kinky fun. The great news is that you don't need to do too much different compared to a non-sexual DDlg relationship!

You still want to define your roles, set rules, and offer rewards and punishments, just with some kinky additions to your playtime!

So, if you want to enjoy a DDlg relationship that is also sexual, simply follow all the rules and roles we listed above!

However, there are some extra naughty steps that you can add to your sexual DDlg relationship:

Looking Sexy for Daddy

If your DDlg has a sexual component, then it's often a good idea to dress the part! A little may want to dress up naughtily for their daddy, such as short skirts, tight tops, or any sort of cute outfit that daddy likes.

Depending on your rules, Daddy may be in charge of picking outfits, so make sure to consider this dynamic. For example, you could get a sexy reward for wearing what daddy has chosen or a naughty punishment for dressing in your own slutty clothes.

Have fun with the unique dynamic and role that you have established in your DDlg relationship.

Kinky Little Rules

All the rules we mentioned above are non-sexual, so if you're adding this element to the relationship, consider adding some sexier rules to follow or break!

For example, the little may need to sleep naked with their daddy as part of their bedtime rules. Another rule may be to ask for daddy's permission to pleasure yourself or daddy.

Again, have fun exploring rules based on your own kinks and preferences!

Naughty Rewards and Punishments

The punishment/reward dynamic of DDlg can also be sexual. For example, if the little is a naughty brat that breaks daddy's rules, then she might receive a spanking or not be allowed to organism.

This could be a way to introduce more traditional BDSM punishments into your play sessions, like being bound and spanked

A daddy and little may also prefer their rewards to be sexual too. So, if the little girl follows the rules and being a good girl, then the little may receive a sexy reward.

The above guide shows you all the rules and roles you need to know for a fun DDlg relationship, whether it's sexual, non-sexual, or a bit of both!