DDlg 101- How to Be a Bratty Little Girl?

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Are you in a daddy dom, little girl (DDlg) relationship and want to be a bratty girl? It's a unique dynamic in DDlg, with some littles preferring to act as rebellious children rather than ones that always behave and follow rules.

Bratty girls are different to traditional little girls, usually being much more naughty than nice!

The below guide covers all the useful tips and info that you need to know to be the perfect bratty girl in a DDlg relationship.

Bratty Little Girl

Bratty Girl Vs. A Normal One – What's the Difference?

The little girl, or just little, is one of two main roles in a DDlg relationship, the other being the daddy dom. During play sessions and scenes, the little takes on the submissive role, while the daddy dom is the dominant role.

As the name suggests, the little girl is an age-regressive role, pretending to be a younger girl. Littles can act at any age they want, whether it's a baby, toddler, or pre-teen. Their goal is to achieve a headspace where they feel young and innocent, forgetting all the stress and worries of being an adult.

The difference between a little girl and a bratty girl is in their attitude and behavior.

A little girl is usually well-behaved and simply wants the love and attention of her daddy dom. They follow the rules, enjoy playing, receiving praise, and enjoy acting as an innocent child.

As they're acting like good girls, these littles are more open to their submissiveness with their daddy dom.

A bratty girl is rebellious and misbehaves, preferring her daddy dom to earn their submissiveness. They like attention and affection like other littles but use different methods to achieve this – namely, acting like a spoiled brat!

By acting bratty, these littles require more discipline from their daddy dom – something that usually helps them achieve their headspace.

So, bratty girls are often more interested in other aspects of BDSM, such as being punished with spankings.

While a little girl may occasionally break the rules, bratty girls are always looking to break and bend their daddy dom's rules.

Why Be a Bratty Girl?

Are you unsure whether you want to be a bratty girl? It's a role that requires a different approach to a traditional little, with lots of rule breaking, misbehaving, and general naughtiness.

Rules are a big part of DDlg relationships. Daddy doms set rules for their littles, helping to shape their play time together and how they interact. For instance, a daddy will set chores for their little to follow, giving them praise and attention when they complete them.

As a bratty girl, you take a different approach to rules. Brats don't want to follow rules, instead breaking or ignoring them. By not following the rules, they receive a different type of attention from their daddy dom – discipline and punishment!

Acting like a bratty girl that breaks rules is incredibly exciting for many littles!

They get to show off their naughty side and receive a different type of attention from their daddy dom. It's often used as a form of foreplay, helping to build anticipation for sex.

Not everyone wants to be a good little girl all the time – sometimes being naughty is much more fun!

Moreover, many daddy doms are turned on by a bratty girl. Acting naughty and disobedient allows daddy doms to show their authority and discipline their little, placing more emphasis on their dominant role in the DDlg relationship.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their role in DDlg. You may want to act like a classic little, following rules and receive lots of love and praise. On the other hand, you might prefer the thrill of acting naughty and making your daddy dom work for your submission!

Define Your Bratty Role

It's important in any DDlg relationship that each person has a clearly defined role. Doing so ensures that everyone is happy with their role and that everyone's boundaries are respected.

Plus, by defining your age play from the offset, both the little and daddy dom has a clearer idea of how they can act during playtimes and scenes.

If you want to be a bratty girl, make sure to tell your daddy dom at the very start, before you even have any sort of DDlg relationship. Tell them the type of brat you want to be, so they understand how you're going to act and whether they are comfortable with it.

Also, define what punishments you're happy to receive. Being a brat means getting punished by your daddy dom, so always choose punishments you're both comfortable with.

Think About Your Brat's Age

Make sure to think about your brat age, as it's going to influence how you act during playtimes and interactions with your daddy dom. For example, are you going to be a very young brat in the toddler age range? Or are you going to act a bit older, such as a teen or pre-teen brat?

You're likely to act differently depending on the age of your brat, so take time to think about it. For instance, a younger brat is likely to show their disobedience through screaming and stomping their feet. An older brat may show disobedience through disrespectful language.

Consider which personality is more likely to excite you and your daddy, while helping you reach your headspace.

A bratty girl age range can be anywhere from four to 18 – you might want to explore different ages to help find the right choice for your preferences.

Set Rules with Your Daddy

Yes, you might plan on breaking most of the rules that your daddy has, but you still need to help form these rules!

Sit down together and think about a set of daddy's rules, including anything that you are comfortable doing. Rules may be related to your age, so make sure to consider your brat age too!

Common rules for littles to follow include:

- Always call them by daddy

- Tell your daddy when you're upset or annoyed

- Never swear at daddy

If you plan on being a bratty girl, you're going to be breaking rules! By knowing what the rules are, you can plan on showing your bratty side!

Ignoring chores is another great way to show off your bratty attitude. Daddy doms usually have their littles follow some chores, giving them praise when they do well.

As a brat, you're going to ignore these rules to encourage your daddy dom to discipline you, whether it's verbally, physically, or a bit of both.

Some common chore ideas that you might want to ignore include:

- Make your bed every day

- Always tidy your room

- Wash dishes once you have eaten

These are just some suggestions – play around with ideas with your daddy dom to get the right fit for your relationship dynamics.

Break Rules During Your Playtime

Playtime is when the daddy dom and bratty girl roleplay various activities and scenes.

Each playtime is unique but usually involves childlike activities like playing with toys, coloring in, eating snacks, and watching cartoons and movies. As your daddy tells you to tidy your toys or make your bed, chores are also a part of playtime.

As a bratty girl, you're going to break some rules during your playtime together!

For instance, if your daddy dom tells you to make your bed, you can ignore his help and skip straight to watching cartoons. Once your daddy finds out, he can take appropriate action, such as giving you into trouble or removing your privileges – he may even need to give you a spanking!

You may also want to try breaking general rules that your daddy has set. For example, most daddies have rules for how their little should speak to them.

As a bratty girl, you might want to show disobedience by not following these rules or speaking out of turn – whatever feels right in the moment!

Accept Your Punishments for Being a Bratty Girl

As a bratty girl, you are still playing the submissive role in the DDlg relationship. So, you want to encourage your daddy to become more dominant by acting like a brat?

Once you've broken rules or been disobedient to your daddy dom, you want to accept your punishment from them. You should already have a list of punishments decided before you start DDlg roleplaying, including things you're both comfortable with.

The punishment should always fit the crime! So, if you've only acted like a mild brat – like ignoring a small chore – then a mild punishment should follow.

Acting like a spoiled brat, such as throwing a full-fledged tantrum or cursing at your father, will result in a much harsher punishment!

Punishments can be sexual or non-sexual depending on the unique dynamics of your DDlg relationship. For example, sexual punishments could include spanking or slapping, while non-sexual punishments may include no treats after dinner or writing a letter of apology.

Play around with punishments that you both enjoy and anything that helps the bratty girl achieve her headspace!