Guide for Buying DDlg Onesies for Adults

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BDSM is a huge world of different activities, and that is why so many different people are attracted to it. Just about any kink can become a part of BDSM play. Today we are going to take a look at a specific type of BDSM play, ageplay.

Ageplay is the act of roleplaying or taking on the role of an age different from one's actual age. It varies greatly, but in almost all cases, ageplay involves submissives taking the role of a younger person. This varies from an infant to a toddler to a teenager. The idea is that you can regress and enjoy feeling the control of the dominant.

Anyone who has engaged in ageplay will tell you that a wide variety of different activities and toys are included in ageplay. One of the most important parts is a DDlg onesie. These onesies are very much the same style as the ones that you would find at a kid's store. The only difference is that they are adult sized.

DDlg Onesies

What Different Types of Onesies Are There?

Shoulder Snap

These onesies are fairly straight-forward; they go on starting at the legs and then snap over the wearer's arms.

Crotch Snap

A crotch snap onesie goes over the wearer's head and is brought down between their legs. Once there, the onesie is snapped.

Wrap Around

Wrap around onesies are a little more complex. They are wrapped around the body and have a snap at the crotch. They also wrap around the body and snap on the sides too.

Onesies with Zipper Front

For those who are going for an option without a snap, there are zipper front onesies. These onesies are stepped into and then you zip them up.


You can get onesies with pretty much any design that you can imagine. There are traditional onesie designs such as dinosaurs, flowers, and hearts. You can also get more adult designs. The overall design of the onesie can also vary quite a lot. Some of them are basic onesies that look similar to leotards or one-piece swimsuits. Others will have skirts built in or long sleeves, or similar differences.

Where to Get a Onesie for DDlg Ageplay?

Adult Stores

Adult stores vary greatly in what they carry. Some stores will just carry your basic sex toys, while others carry more. If you want to be able to find adult-sized onesies for DDlg ageplay in person, you will want to look at your local adult stores. Some adult stores have websites, so you can know ahead of time if they have onesies at their store.

A good percentage of adult stores will also allow you to order from their website, so you can order from a local business and have it shipped to you.


Because some people aren't comfortable with the idea of using an adult store, Amazon has been wonderful. You can literally order just about anything you want from Amazon. That includes onesies. On amazon you can find a lot of different styles but there may be limited options depending on the seller. That being said, some of the options are available with Amazon's popular prime shipping.


Etsy is one of the most popular stores to shop from small businesses on the internet today. Instead of going through a big site like Amazon where you don't know who exactly is making or selling a product, with Etsy you can see the person or small business you are buying from and even interact with them. A lot of sellers on Etsy make handmade onesies, and some will also sell premade ones. It is a great option if you want to custom order a onesie or get something you can't seem to find elsewhere.

DDlg Stores

DDlg stores have cropped up around the internet as creating your own online stores has become easier. There are plenty of stores online that focus specifically on selling supplies to littles (subs) and Daddies (or Mommies). You can get access to a wide range of onesies through these stores and order all of the other supplies you want. One of the reasons people will choose these websites over others is simply to keep their DDlg supplies off of their Amazon shopping history.

Something else great about DDlg stores popping up is that you can find stores that are specifically geared towards selling onesies. These stores offer a lot of different styles and sizes, making them an option for any DDlg participant.

Onesies are more than just an outfit worn by those who are interested in ageplay. It is a sign of their submission and the age they are playing at. It is also a tool to help them feel more open and vulnerable. With the help of this article, we hope you have come to be ready to order your first (or next) onesie.