How to Be a Soft Daddy Dom - Showering the Little with Love And Positive Affection

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One of the most enjoyable parts of Daddy Dom/little girl realtionship is play time. It's when the daddy and the little spend time roleplaying and having all kinds of fun, from childlike playtimes to kinky play in the bedroom.

A great part about being in a DDlg relationship is how unique each dynamic is. For instance, some littles enjoy playing games like an innocent child, while others prefer to challenge their daddy's authority by acting bratty. Similarly, daddies can have all kinds of unique personalities, from stern authority figures to much softer and gentler daddies. Soft and gentle daddy doms are incredibly popular within the DDlg community, with many preferring the name caregiver over daddy dom.

A gentle daddy is all about providing a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for their little. They aren't strict or quick to anger, instead showering their little with love and positive affection to help reach their headspace.

Being a soft, gentle daddy is a very rewarding role for most people in DDlg. They get to show off their kind and caring side while helping their little get into the right headspace during their play times together.

If you're new to DDlg, check out our helpful guide for how to be the best soft and gentle daddy dom in your DDlg play!

Soft Daddy Dom

Understand the Role of a Gentle Daddy

There are lots of unique roles in DDlg, so if you want to be a gentle daddy you need to understand what this type of role involves.

As the name suggests, a soft and gently daddy is incredibly caring towards his little. You're going to shower them with attention, positive affection, and generally be as kind and caring as possible during your play times.

Remember, you're not acting as an authoritative daddy, another type of daddy role in DDlg. You won't be strict and stern, focusing less on being a dominant role, and more on nurturing your little while you play together.

Yes, daddies are always the dominant role, but a soft and gentle daddy is usually more relaxed compared to other daddies.

Set Your Rules – But Keep Them Soft

Rules are an important part of DDlg play. As the caregiver, the daddy sets rules for their little to follow, giving them a reward or punishment based on how they follow these rules.

Even soft and gentle daddies need to settle rules, as rules help to shape play sessions. For instance, a gentle daddy wants his little to feel safe before bed, so a rule can be daddy reads a story before every bedtime.

Another rule for a gentle daddy is for their little to always be honest when they're sad or upset so that daddy can cheer them up.

Also, you can have an element of strictness in your rules as a soft daddy. For example, you can set a strict bedtime, just maybe don't be too harsh if the babygirl sometimes break the rules!

Rewards Over Punishments

The main reason we use rules in DDlg is so that the babygirl can get an appropriate reward or punishment.

When littles follow their daddy's rules, they'll get a nice reward for their good behavior.

On the flip side, if a little breaks daddy's rules, they can get a punishment.

Both rewards and punishments can be sexual and non-sexual depending on the preferences of the daddy and babygirl. For instance, a non-sexual punishment is going to bed early or not getting dessert, while a sexual punishment is a spanking or no orgasms in the bedroom.

Because you're playing as a soft, gentle daddy, you're going to want to focus more on rewarding your little than punishing them.

Basically, any time your little follows any of the rules you've created, then you're going to give them a nice reward. Think of plenty of rewards to give your little for – it's one of the most fun parts of your DDlg playtime together!

Here's some of the more common rewards that a gentle daddy gives a good little:

  • Praise – Tell them how good they are, how cute they look, how proud you are of them etc.
  • Cuddles – A gentle daddy should always be giving plenty of hugs to their little!
  • Kisses – Make sure to give your little plenty of kisses for good behavior too. These can be gentle kisses or more passionate kisses depending on your play dynamics.
  • Bedtime Story – Read your babygirl a story before bed to make them feel loved and safe.
  • Dessert – Reward your babygirl with some tasty treats like ice cream after dinner.
  • Extra Activities – You can either extend activities (such as longer TV time) or add an extra activity (like going to the park) as a reward.

Make Sure You Offer Lots of Fun and Exciting Activities During Playtime

A soft, gentle daddy is always going to focus on giving their little the best time possible during play sessions.

So, make sure you think of plenty of fun stuff that you can enjoy together during your play. The more exciting and fulfilling your play sessions, the easier it is for your little to reach their headspace.

Plus, hanging out and having fun is one of the best parts of DDlg play sessions!

There are many ideas you can try during your play sessions, just make sure they focus on the little and ensure that they have the best time possible.

Make sure to consider the age of your little when choosing your play time ideas.

Most gentle daddies are playing with a little girl, which is someone roleplaying as a young child. Little girls like playing with toys, cartoons, movies, and receiving lots of love and affection during their play time.

However, if they're roleplaying as a middle (i.e., a preteen/teenager), then they may prefer slightly more mature activities during play time.

In either case, as a soft daddy your goal is to provide the best activities for you both to enjoy during your play!